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Imagine every salesperson in your dealership getting immediate vehicle shipping quotes with the click of a button, from any device--no more emails or phone calls and waiting for shipping quotes.

ShipYourCarNow’s Integrated Automotive Transportation Solution, or IATS pricing tool, is plug-n-play technology that allows you to do just that.

Designed by one of the nation’s largest vehicle logistics companies, ShipYourCarNow, this dealer pricing tool provides instant quotes for and arranges vehicle shipping with a simple click.

Get instantaneous shipping quotes while sitting with customers or even while chatting remotely with potential customers.

Customizable for your dealership--each salesperson can get instant shipping quotes but only specific managers can authorize shipping vehicles or anyone can order shipping with the click of a button--you decide how it works best for you.

Contact Team Alex--your Dealer Transport Specialists--today to find out how to enable a pricing tool for shipping that can be accessed by anyone you choose, from any device.

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