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Why do we need the other dealership info on a dealer trade?

Dealer Trade 2.JPG

For Team Alex to transport dealer trade vehicles effectively, we need the name, email address and phone number (cell preferred) of the person with whom you made the deal.  If not known, the appropriate sales manager’s name and contact info will suffice.


Having this information is all about optimizing efficiency and minimizing delays, so you can receive your vehicle that much faster.  We use this info to send a dispatch notice to alert the other dealership when we assign a carrier.  That way, if there are any delays, we know soon after dispatch, when we are still able to cancel at no cost–not when the carrier arrives at the dealership.


In addition, the carrier can call ahead to alert them of an estimated pickup window and to verify the vehicle will be ready for them.  Having a specific person to ask for when they arrive means less time wasted getting the run-around while the person they need is located.

At Team Alex, we run a tight ship, as the saying goes, to help expedite your transports as quickly as possible…because we know you can’t sell what you don’t have.

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