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4 Types of Enclosed Trailers

  • 2-3 Car Enclosed

  • 5-6 Car Hard Side Enclosed

  • Soft Sided Enclosed

  • Conestoga 

⚠️ Any vehicle that is worth over $100K and is traveling more than 300 miles needs to go enclosed

Also, any vehicle with clearance less than 4" (100mm) also needs to go enclosed (regardless of the distance).

Enclosed 3.jpg

2-3 Car Enclosed Trailer

This single level “non-stack” trailer is often referred to as a ‘hotshot’ carrier. Hotshot trailers hold less cars on the truck which translates to faster pickup, transit, and delivery times.

⚠️ INSURANCE MATTERS - Many of these 2 car carriers only carry $250K in cargo insurance. Make sure that the carrier's insurance is enough to cover your vehicle

Enclosed 1.jpg
Enclosed 1.JPG

5-6 Car Hard Side Enclosed Carrier

This enclosed trailer looks very similar to other semi trucks on the road. Vehicles are loaded and “stacked” inside a hard-side enclosed trailer that has an upper and lower deck. 


Soft-Side Enclosed Carrier

Unlike 5-6 car enclosed carriers, soft-sided carriers can transport 7-8 vehicles enclosed. As the name suggests, soft-side covered carriers have soft sliding tarps for walls.

👍 Drivers do not have to crawl out of the vehicle's window - less prone to door dings.

👎 Vehicles do tend to get a little dirtier in transit. Especially in bad weather 


Conestoga Enclosed Trailer

The Conestoga trailer is the larger of all enclosed trailers. Its retractable soft-side cover allows to transport oversize vehicles that are too wide or too tall to transport on a regular enclosed carrier.


🔔 Not Available on Central Dispatch - Heavy Load Board Only

🔔 Their cargo insurance must specifically say "Covers Automobiles"  

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