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Team Alex

Fulfillment Center Position

The position for the Fulfillment Center is part of a marketing “machine” that generates new business for a business-to-business vehicle shipping business and sends appreciation boxes for existing customers.  It utilizes several workstations to accomplish our output of gift boxes.  Every station is different but requires a keen attention to detail, as the gift box presentation is critical to making a great first impression to customers.


Some stations are conducive to being able to sit while working, but others require standing for the entire shift.  Because of this and the facility being only lightly air-conditioned, we recommend no more than 4-5 hours per shift.  In the summertime, morning is definitely recommended, as no amount of air conditioning can combat the Florida heat in the afternoons. (There are space heaters for the few chilly days in the wintertime, too.)


  • Station 1, business cards get attached to cookies that will go in the goody boxes. 

  • Station 2 puts those cookies into the individual boxes that will be part of a bigger box. 

  • Station 3, the individual boxes are assembled into mailing boxes, and labels put on for shipping. 

There are also tissue paper and box folding stations that, no surprises here… fold tissue paper or fold boxes. 


Everyone in the fulfillment center does all jobs, from folding tissue to prepping boxes to go out the door.  Every station, from the tissue paper to the labels are important to be done quickly and thoroughly, per prescribed standards, so each box is practically identical and aesthetically appealing.


This position involves lifting, bending, stretching and lots of movement.  You will lift up to 15 lbs often and up to 30 lbs on occasion.  The position uses clips, tape guns, safety box openers and other equipment as part of normal duties.  Closed-toed shoes are highly recommended, for safety purposes.



The hours and days are subject to change occasionally (occasionally, we run out of a key item and have to delay work until the backordered item(s) arrive).  We work around everyone’s availability as best we can.  Staff can also change their hours as needed, provided we have sufficient coverage to have the desired output.


The position will normally allow you to listen to music while you work (with earbuds or headphones), provided production does not drop while doing so.  No videos, please.  While being very flexible with hours, days, etc., we do require a certain output from each station to maintain the weekly output of the fulfillment center.  We also do not allow phone usage during work, except for emergencies, of course.


We do require pre-hire background checks and the entire operation inside and out is monitored by cameras.  We do this primarily for the safety of our staff–because we would likely not hear if someone was injured.  It also allows us to monitor production and watch for errors or issues.


The fulfillment center work itself can be quite mundane, tedious and even boring at times.  It can also be exciting and rewarding to see the pieces of the different stations come together and the overall business increase as a direct result of the hard work done there.  That role is a very large “cog” in the marketing “machine” we built.


We do expect staff to show up on time, work during working hours (minus breaks, of course) and we pay pretty well for that work.  It’s not rocket science, nor do you receive Rocket Scientist wages, but we appreciate our staff–no matter which position they hold–and do our best to make working hours as comfortable as possible.

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