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Today, reputable transport brokers face a serious issue - the abundance of enclosed carriers with extremely low cargo insurance. Unfortunately, some transport brokers don't ensure the carrier they assign has enough cargo insurance to cover the vehicles on board. In fact, 80% of enclosed carriers carry a maximum limit of cargo insurance of $250,000. 


At Team Alex, we take this issue very seriously. We ensure that the vehicles assigned to our clients are adequately insured. We have a special designation for enclosed carriers with higher limits, which we call Level II Enclosed carriers. These types of carriers are required when transporting vehicles of high value ($150K+).


However, since carrying more insurance costs more, level two carriers command a higher price. We carefully scrutinize each carrier not only for their history with Team Alex but also for their cargo insurance. We highly recommend that if you don't use Team Alex, you ask your transport broker for a copy of that carrier's cargo insurance. This way, you can ensure your vehicles are fully protected during transport.

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