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Why Our Customers Love It 


IATS is available in 2 tech platforms--the API model is completely customizable and can be configured on the front end as a quote pricing tool or the back end of the transaction to include shipping costs into your purchase price or both.  


The I-Frame version acts as a stand-alone transaction at your customer’s expense that can be used at any point in the transaction to get real-time quotes or arrange their own shipping. 


By allowing your buyers to compare overall price plus transport cost before making a purchase decision, it keeps them on your site for the entire life cycle of the transaction, preventing “cart abandonment” to research shipping costs. 


Either platform can also be used by your dealership staff to obtain instant shipping quotes--and you get to decide who authorizes the actual shipping.


Contact Team Alex--your Dealer Transport Specialists--today to find out how to get instant quotes and seamlessly ship-enable your website for your customers--no matter where they live.