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Team Alex will roll out the first phase of our new Transport Order Management System (TOMS) over the next six months. Team Alex designed and developed TOMS to improve the customer service experience in the complex world of vehicle transport.

The objective is to transform the industry and position Team Alex as a leader in delivering excellent customer service. To tackle the challenges faced in the vehicle transport industry, customers will be offered more choices and additional information to prevent delays.


The transport process for retail customers will be made simpler, and efforts are underway to educate them about what to expect and how the process functions.

A small sample of new features (Phase I)

  • Order Status Link - For Dealer

  • Order Status Link Dealer's Customer

  • Status Change Text Alerts

  • Order Reassignment - In-House (Someone else at your dealership)

  • Order Reassignment - To the customer

  • Order Reassignment - To a third party

  • Copy someone else at the dealership

  • Add an Alternate Origin contact at the dealership

  • Add an Alternate Origin contact at the destination

  • Add "Standing Special Instructions" Pickup & Delivery for your dealership

  • Add "Standing Rule" Manager to get CC'd on all orders for your dealership

  • Add specific pick-up or delivery instructions for each load

  • Updated when the vehicle is delivered

  • Add special comments about the vehicle

Phase II - Robust customer portal

This will allow you access to all of your quotes, orders (including current status), and invoices.

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