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Why Our Customers Love It 


Much like the big auction houses, imagine being able to offer shipping as part of your auction customer’s buying experience with the simple click of a button.

ShipYourCarNow’s Integrated Automotive Transportation Solution, or IATS, is plug-n-play technology that will allow you to do just that.

Designed by one of the nation’s largest vehicle logistics companies, ShipYourCarNow, this add-on--customized for your dealership--will allow you to access quotes for and arrange vehicle shipping with the simple click of a button as part of your purchase process.

In a Dealer or Wholesale environment, IATS provides additional services and value to your auction customers. You have the option to include shipping costs in the final transaction, if you want.

IATS helps your wholesale buyers make real-time purchase decisions based on the total cost of the unit(s), including transportation.

Enable your dealer customers to get units shipped directly to them with a simple click of a button, allowing them to spend more time buying cars and less time worrying about shipping them.

Save your customers time and money by eliminating the need to complete a separate task to arrange transportation.

Contact Team Alex--your Dealer Transport Specialists--today to find out how IATS can ship-enable your auction or wholesale website.